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Suffusion theme. Her ligger det i Free Themes Directory.

BESKRIVELSE: Et tema med usædvanlig stor indbygget fleksibilitet. Temaet kommer indbygget med masser af relevante valgmuligheder mellem en-tro-tre spalte design, farve, navigationsmuligheder, brødkrumme nav on/off osv. Især velegnet til mere site-prægede løsninger (kontra blog-stilen).
OFFICIEL BESKRIVELSE: Suffusion is a one-column/two-column/three-column fixed-width theme with focus on simple looks, options for light and dark colors, and a drop-down page menu. The theme has green, blue, red, orange, purple or gray color bases for the styles. It has support for a good range of theme options, it has threaded comments, it has 5 widget areas and has been tested on Firefox (2.0+), Safari (3.0+), Chrome (2.0), IE (6.0+) and Opera (8.0+). Some CSS3 features like rounded borders and shadows are used.